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Dear Mom, Ain’t it Ironic?

February 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments

We were recently introduced to a new form of irony: cards. Oh this goes beyond the irony of SomeCards. Artist, Igor Kopelnitsky has created a series of 8 societal images that would certainly aim to tick off any right wing and/or evangelical, or give a giggle to any open-minded liberal.

Each of Igor’s designs are an unique and amusing commentary on issues ranging from energy independence to the evolution debate with themes and titles including “Play Date With The Devil”, “Bright Idea”, “Heavy Thoughts”, “Don’t Be Shy”, “Balancing Act”, “Peace Out”, “Drill Baby Drill”, and “So Evolved”.

Igor’s card set is on sale now at Park Slope’s Lion in the Sun Paperie (232 7th Avenue & 4th St) as well as online at Sparked. A “Play Date with the Devil” card? Hell yes. Love ’em.

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