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A New Yahoo Group: Brooklyn Versus Burbs and Beyond

February 26th, 2009 · No Comments

We found this announcement in a Park Slope Parents email for a new group that could be quite interesting in its own way:

I’ve started a group called Brooklyn vs Burbs and Beyond, for people living in Brooklyn who are being priced or driven out of neighborhoods such as Park Slope in search of good, accessible schools and space, as we are. I’ve seen a few posts by others in this
situation, so I hope you’ll consider joining. My thought is that we can create a forum to exchange ideas, thoughts on possible solutions, and share our findings about towns, other cities, or other
neighborhoods in Brooklyn and NYC that might work better for our families. A must is being part of a great community like this one. Here’s to hoping we can find – or create – another!

The group can be found here. Speaking of Park Slope Parents we had a long and very enjoyable meeting with PSP founder Susan Fox yesterday. We found her to be brilliant, charismatic, creative, funny and devoted to her community and her organization. We’ve had some fun at Dr. Fox’s expense over the years, but thought we’d make amends by noting how much respect we have for her work and what a truly wonderful person she is. Ms. Fox is one of those unstoppable forces we respect–a determined individual who works and work and work until she achieves what she set out to do. She is a true asset to Park Slope, to parents and to Brooklyn as a whole.

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