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The Dead Pool: 385 Fourth Avenue in Park Slope

February 4th, 2009 · No Comments

Meet 385 Fourth Avenue, which is not the most solid member of our Dead Pool for project that may be dead in the water, but is start to gain that stench of death. This is supposed to be an 11-story building with 51 units from the shop of Richard Bienenfeld Arcitects in New Rochelle. Now, there is a Stop Work Order on the project, but not because of work that is being done but because the fence sucks, which would also qualify this thing for our Blight Me feature. A complaint was called into DOB that “CLR STS SITE PLY WOOD FENCE HAS FALLING AND NAILS STICKING OUT CLR STS KID CAN GET HURT PLS INSP” and the order was issued. The violation is still stuck on the fence as if no one has bothered to read it, which would leave one to believe that, for now, at least, the site may be abandoned. Someone correct us if we’re wrong.

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