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Sad Coney Photos: Astroland Being Taken Apart

November 24th, 2008 · 2 Comments

[Photo for GL courtesy of Deborah Matlack]

GL contributor Deborah Matlack took through Coney Island in Saturday’s insane cold and found evidence that Astroland is, indeed, being taken apart. There is also a great deal of evidence of this on the Coney Island Message Board. In case anyone wonders what that machine in the foreground was doing, we present a couple of photos below of the work in progress that was posted over at the CISUSA Message Board. Those containers you see at the right of Ms. Matlack’s photos are shipping containers–the kinds that are put on trucks or trains or loaded onto ships at container ports.

[Photo courtesy of Mr. Jonesy/Coney Island Message Board]

[Photo courtesy of Mr. Jonesy/Coney Island Message Board]

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  • 1 Gary // Nov 24, 2008 at 11:30 am

    And there still is nothing planned? Thanks a bunch, Thor Equities.

  • 2 Gia // Nov 24, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    THIS is SO unbelievably SAD! Yet,this is still another part of NYC’s cool unique history that’s being destroyed for the almighty dollar.What an aweful shame to witness the destruction of such a wonderous icon & historic wonderland that was Astroland & Coney Island Amusement Park . Now, it has to be torn down in the way of supposed mindless progess,why? Can’t they leave just one cool thing alone,the things that have always made Nyc unique.This is a travesty,truly aweful. I will forever remember the fond happy memeories of those days at Astroland where mermaids,mermaid parades, tattooed carnival freaks,carnies,colorful characters, burlesque queens,spoooky funhouse rides & delightful decadent sideshow wonders always had ceased to amaze. One can only hope & pray that someone w/money & who actually has a an artistic vision & historic insight will come along one day to create & design a new wonderland. But,until then,it looks rather grim. Can’t anything beautiful & historic be left untouched in this money hungry city anymore? It’s all about capitalism & greed, & they really suck ! But, somewhere in our thoughts & hearts ,those of us who knew you well,will always remember & will always love you,R.I.P., Astroland.