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Crack is Back: Serious Problem at Big Fourth Avenue Site

November 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Those who are familiar with Fourth Avenue know the big construction site between Butler and Douglass Streets. A row of apartment buildings was demolished, leaving single buildings standing on either end. One of them houses the Deli in the Slope. The official address of the project next door is 150 Fourth Ave and it’s supposed to be a 12-story building from Ismael Leyva with 95 units. But, that’s not our interested here. Good old 160 Fourth Avenue, which has eight apartments and which filed some permits with DOB for renovations to repair the back masonry, ended up with a partial stop work order and being emptied out by DOB last month for a host of problems including, but not limited to “severe cracks” in both the interior and exterior, the chimney pulling away from the building and “inadequate shoring” to the third and fourth floor to protect the roof. The problem is laid at the feet of the demolition work that happened to build the Leyva building. The reason given by DOB is an old favorite: “imminent danger to life or public safety or safety of the occupants or to property. In the meantime, what we can say is that we previously noted that 150 Fourth Avenue has an awesome fortress-like fence, unlike a lot of the crud one finds in Williamsburg.

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  • 1 Jim // Nov 24, 2008 at 9:42 am

    Ohhhhh! You had me freaking! I thought it was the OTHER crack! Don’t do that to me man, I own in the neighborhood. Times are tough enough without a drug problem.