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This Week on Brookylnian

November 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Are we addicted to the forums at Brooklynian? “Addicted” is such a strong word…how about “attached”? Seriously, we can quit anytime we want to. We just don’t want to, that’s all. For those of you who are still social lurkers, we here at GL offer a weekly peek at what’s weird, funny, and gentriconfrontational over at Kings County procrastination central. Think of it as that first gratis hit from the old dope-peddler.

It’s all about the election everywhere this week, and our wacky little corner of the Brooklyn blogosphere (Brooklosphere?) is no exception. We We rejoiced (and gloated a little). We were a little bummed. We dreamed of the future. But don’t worry: not everyone’s happy. That wouldn’t be the Brooklynian way. In other news, we still have insane neighbors. What would Obama do?

Jean Kahler

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