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Eat It: Ghenet Brooklyn

October 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Today, we introduce a new feature and a new contributor, Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog. Eat It will be producing a weekly post that is a summary of a review/reviews appearing on Eat It. Today’s introductory effort is about Ghenet, the Ethiopian restaurant on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope:

I recently went with a group of friends to Ghenet Brooklyn (348 Douglass St. at 4th Ave., 718-230-4475), a relatively recent addition to Fourth Avenue. The interior is warm and inviting, although A LOT of incense was burning off and on throughout our meal which was a tad overwhelming, but did not in any way negatively affect our experience of the food. The waitstaff is also friendly and helpful should you need some guidance with ordering, or modifying the incense-burning.

Mmmmm, I love Ethiopian food and I love the event of going for Ethiopian, where the traditional way to eat is that you sit around a big plate laden down with a variety of dishes and eat with your fingers. We started out with three appetizers, the Kitfo Tiklil (Classic Ethiopian steak tartar rolled in Kategna), Asa Tiklil (Tuna tartar rolled in Kategna), and an order of the Kategna (Toasted Injera coated with Berbere served with mild cheese). Everyone seemed to prefer the Steak Tartar over the Tuna. It was more flavorful and had a bit more depth to it than the Tuna which was on the bland side. Each though was super spicy because of the Berbere spices used on the outside of the Kategna.

The Kategna appetizer was great and the mild cheese was wonderful – sort of tangy like a soft goat cheese and just as creamy. The Berbere is made from red chili peppers, onions, garlic and other spices, then sun-dried and mixed with more spices so it’s REALLY hot, so be warned. For the full details on the Ghenet adventure click here and go over to Eat It.

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