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New Development Crack Problem at the End of Court Street

October 9th, 2008 · No Comments

[Photo courtesy of Property Shark]

The photo above is 525-27 Court Street before construction work started on a new seven-story building with 18 units. It will come from Henry Radusky and Bricolage Design, a firm that is not on the Top Ten list of some people in South Brooklyn in terms of the aesthetics of its buildings. That is not the point here. We got an email from a special Court Street correspondent regarding some, uh, construction issues:

The construction site at 525-27 Court St. is causing major problems to the adjoining two buildings. Various stop work orders going on but the cracks continue to grow and one of the guys on the site informed me that the building next door had sunk by 3 inches in recent times but that it was the fault of the construction site beside it (they knocked the one story store beside it, dug down a bit, hammered a bit and then nothing so really don’t think that building is to blame). The same guy did describe the ground in that area as being “like jelly” – you dig it up and the rest starts to wobble such is the amount of water in it.

So far the project has drawn 18 complaints to the Department of Buildings, the most recent being: “CALLER REPORTING STRUCTURAL DAMAGE TO 519 COURT STREET DUE TO CONSTRUCTION WORK THAT IS BEING DONE AT LOCATION PROVIDED. CALLER STS THERE ARE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR CRACKS THAT ARE EXPANDING.” A Stop Work Order was issued in September but has been lifted.

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