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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

May 11th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week we highlight a few of the comments left by readers during the previous seven days. Here’s a random selection of this week’s GL Reader Comments:

Coney #2: ‘We Have Not Compromised…Our Original Goals’. “There is no way that the new plan is not a compromise. I’ll go further and say it is a complete surrender. The CIDC claimed their main goal was to preserve the amusement area. Aside from the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone which are already landmarked and by law must be preserved the new plan preserves nothing else.” [J]

Williamsburg Animal Cruelty: Did Construction Workers Paint This Backyard Turtle? “This is disgusting and insanely inhumane. It saddens me that people have this much disregard for living things…” [Agatha]

Carroll Gardens Zoning Change Draws Opposition. “My elderly neighbor told my wife last night ‘they want to widen the streets’. There is indeed a campaign of misinformation going on in the neighborhood.” [PlaceBlock Owner]

Smoking Mad About Smoking in Slope’s JJ Byrne Park. “I’m sorry, but with all the truly serious things we have to worry about nowadays, and with all the real incivilities that have become a part of outdoor life in New York City in recent years, and given that there is *no* health threat from outdoor secondhand smoke (*none*), getting upset about someone smoking in J.J. Byrne Park is stupid and frivolous — and another appalling example of the crypto-authoritarianism of many of today’s Park Slopers.” [Francis Morrone]

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