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The Smell of Coney Island: ‘Tangy and Citrusy’

May 31st, 2007 · No Comments

This is just too good to pass up, particularly since the official launch of Bond No. 9’s Coney Island fragrance is Friday. To us, Coney Island on a hot summer day is one part ocean, one part fried food, one part assorted suncreens and tanning products and one part trash marinating in the sun. Bond No. 9’s take, on the other hand, is ‘tangy and citrusy,” which is kind of funny, because the only citrus in sight at Coney Island is what some of the vendors use to make fruit drinks. In any case, clearly we spend a lot more time writing about Brooklyn than about scents, because we’re not sure we’d make a good fragrance reviewer. Here’s one review of Coney Island from the Perfume Smellin’ Things Blog:

The start of the scent is a tangy citrusy blend. I smell lemons, limes and even oranges. They smell a little candied, but not overwhelmingly sweet at all, bringing to mind a refreshing, only slighly boozy drink served in a glass with sugared rim. For a while there, I smell a slight melon note, but just when I start to think that scent might go a fruity route, it changes the direction drastically. It grows warmer, “thicker”, more “solid” in feel, the vanilla becomes very apparent as does the cinnamon note. At this point, I like the Coney Island quite a lot. It has the kind of soft, not too obvious gourmandness that I always appreciate. I don’t smell chocolate or caramel, the middle stage is all about sweetly piquant cinnamon and fluffy vanilla on me. If the scent stayed that way, it might have even ended up on my wish list for summer…The drydown, however, was disappointing for me. After the joyful, colorful robustness of the top and heart notes, the composition suddenly looses all its oomph and becomes rather pale and unexciting. The base has an aquatic note that bothers me and an overall understated, neutral feel of a typically fresh unisex scent. I very much wish that the bright, happily inebriated, indeed carnival-like feel of the first two thirds of the scent stayed till the end.

Oh, God, say it ain’t so. We think that means the blogger doesn’t like Coney Island once you’ve been wearing it for a bit. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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