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Development Notebook: Hot Karl’s Yertle Buiding Moving Slowly

March 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Wow. In about four or five month the slowest Hot Karl Fischer buiding out to be ready to go nondo. Well, eithe the developerws will bravely try to make it a condo in a grossy overprice, oversaturated market or they will simply not pass go and just make it rental from the get go. happened by and found more windows and that key part of the exterior are now in place. We’re feeling confidence that it wll face the market in 09 after more than two years of work. The builiding is at N. 8 and Reobeling. Work’s been going on for nearly two years and it will leave a void in our routine when it’s finished. We’re still hoping they’re name it Yertle the Turtle By Karl.

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