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Now, Markowitz Wants Obamabucks for Coney Boardwalk

February 24th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Borough President Marty Markowitz has expressed little interest in funding a fix for the deplorably deteriorated Coney boardwalk in the past and is planning to spend $64 million on an increasingly controversial concert venue that many say is ego-driven waste of money that will actually violate the quality of life of thousands of residents, but today’s Daily News reports he wants federal bailout money for the boardwalk. Some details:

Brooklyn borough President Marty Markowitz wants the feds to bail out Coney Island’s world-famous, long-neglected Boardwalk. After years of delayed repairs, Markowitz is calling on the Bloomberg administration to use a large chunk of the city’s federal stimulus money to overhaul the entire crumbling, 3-mile promenade which runs from Sea Gate to Brighton Beach. “The Boardwalk is an essential part of Coney Island and it’s deteriorating. It’s in horrible condition,” said Markowitz, who is also calling for some of the state’s money to go to the controversial Atlantic Yards arena/residential/commercial project.

The city is slated to get $500 million from President Obama’s $787 billion economic rescue package. Next up: the beep will call for federal money to demolish Admiral’s Row and to help Joe Sitt build a shopping mall in Red Hook

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  • 1 Rubys Host // Feb 24, 2009 at 9:37 am

    Interesting turn of events – again …… considering Markowitz has been promising the boardwalk to be repaired for 6 years. Now it is finally beign done.

    The opening day of the beach Lynn Kelly and Domenic Recchia Jr. had boasted about finally having 20 million to move forward on repairing the entire boardwalk. So now Marty boy wants to say he “needs more money” to finish the boardwalk project. STOP LYING ON EVERY PROJECT……. For months – Marty has only been concerned about his “Plastic Potato Chip”.

    We do Not need 3 theaters with in a 3 mile radius of each other. Keyspan has and can be used as a outdoor concert venue- Thor has had designs of a hotel complex including a theater inside for year round venues then the current out door theater in Brighton – that the residents of Brighton have said loudly they do not want bigger etc. If your going to ask Bloomberg for part of the money for Coney – First off DO NOT CHANGE THE C7 ZONING. REBUILD A SPACE LIKE STEEPLECHASE FOR INDOOR OUTDOOR AND BRING BACK OLD RIDES- RESTORE BUILDINGS – LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AND BRING MORE MOM & POP STYLE EATERIES- STORES- GAMES ETC> WE HAVE 2 1/2 MILES OF OPEN SPACE TO WORK WITH _ USE IT FOR WHAT THE PEOPLE HAVE SAID THEY WANTED _ IT WILL CREATE JOBS – AND MORE

  • 2 anon // Feb 24, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Marty : You have to get off the kool-aid. First you want to waste over $64 million dollars & GROWING for the “Marty Markowitz Amphitheater”, now you want to waste another $200 million dollars & GROWING for the Boardwalk. Perhaps Marty wants to rename that stretch of Boardwalk too , to the” Marty Markowitz Boardwalk”. Where are your priorities Marty? The NY Aquarium doesn’t have funds to feed its fish & mammals, fire, police & education are suffering. Isn’t there anyone out there in Brooklyn who can take this ego centrist on for BP. We can do better than Marty, I’m sure of it. DUMP MARKOWITZ 2009 ! Look for the bumper stickers soon.

  • 3 jerry // Feb 24, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    This is for Ruby Host & any other people who have had enough from Brooklyn’s Marty Markowitz’s insane priorities for Coney Island & Brighton Beach. Contact: saveseasidepark@aol.com & join the cause. In addition: Remember the great job Mr. Markowitz has done with the lighting of the Parachute Jump. A disaster too!Another waste of over 4 million dollars with that project. Now he wants to spend another 1 million dolllars to fix it.