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Disconnected in Brooklyn: Freeze-Dried Coffee & Ravioli

February 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Hmm. This Sunday’s Brooklyn Missed Connection combines supermarket lust, coffee and a terrible accident concerning ravioli

Don’t buy that freeze-dried coffee – m4w – 23 (Grand Street Key Food)
You were about to make the mistake of buying freeze-dried coffee at the Key Food when I rescued you by suggesting that you go to Gimme! instead. We seemed to have a little moment. Got the vibe that maybe you have a boyfriend. But maybe not. Anyway, when by the time I got outside, you were gone. I tried to find you, but my raviolis got caught in my bike spokes and spilled all over so I had to discontinue my search. I’d love to get a drink. We do live in the same neighborhood, after all. I hope your spaghetti was good.

Too bad about the ravioli.

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