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Blight Me: Mr. Scarano Does Burg’s S. 3rd Street, Finds Religion

February 20th, 2009 · No Comments

[All photos courtesy of Miss Heather]

First off: We didn’t go into this knowing that 351 S. 3 Street in Williamsburg was a Robert Scarano building. He’s had enough notice. This series of photos for our Blight Me series showing developer blight was sent to us by Miss Heather, who didn’t know either. But, when we checked DOB records it happened to turn out to be another building by the King of Brooklyn Architects. The building is supposed to have nine units. Really, it’s just another example of how even completed buildings are blighting their surroundings in Brooklyn and has nothing to do with Mr. Scarano and everything to do with the developer. On the down side, imagine living next to this crap for years. On the bright side, it has provided some space to express faith in God.

[All Photo for GL courtesy of Miss Heather]

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