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GL Music: Puss N Boots (Then Dixie Fried) – Cry Cry Cry

February 19th, 2009 · No Comments

This video is from the first performance in May of 2008 of a group then known as Dixie Fried, recently changed to Puss N Boot (there was another Dixie Fried out there). They’re a covers band country and alt country, and they’re doing this for fun (they all have other more regular music gigs). This clip shows them doing the Johnny Cash song Cry Cry Cry. The members are Brooklynites Sasha Dobson (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Catherine Popper (bass and vocals). Their lead guitar player, who takes the lead vocal here, currently is living in Manhattan, use to reside in Williamsburg and according to Brownstoner is on her way back to Brooklyn. Even though she cut her hair short at the beginning of 2008, you’ll recognize her (but if you don’t, it’s Norah Jones).
Eliot Wagner

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