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Disconnected in Brooklyn: One Valentine Too Many

February 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment

This isn’t strictly a Missed Connection, but it’s topical:

my valentine had a boyfriend I didn’t know about. – m4w – 24 (WB)
Fuck valentines day first of all. I thought I finally had a Valentine this year on Valentines day but she ended up having a boyfriend. What the fuck. Her boyfriend doesn’t even live here but I couldn’t kiss my Valentine last night and now I’m sitting here bummed out writing this to who ever. What should I do? Should I try and convince her that I’m cooler than her boyfriend or should I find another girl? thanks who ever…

Uh, find another girld, dude.

Valentine’s Day Jerk at Royale 5th Ave + 12th (?) – m4m – 22 (Park Slope)

I was there for a short while probably after 2 am, with my best friend, we spent most of our time on the dance floor, I was in a blue t-shirt that said “lovely” you were a major cutie wearing a brown button down and a small messenger bag. For a little while you danced with me and my friend and I definitely smiled at you broadly, and I got a smirk back in return. And then that was it, you meandered off and I wondered to myself why even older guys play at games! And I was certainly not going to chase you down. You seemed pretty drunk and that’s what my friend decided to chalk up your weird ass behavior to, so you may not even remember the minor details of what happened, but I sure as hell hope you saw when I flipped you off at the bar before I left. Reply, maybe we can make out, but if we do it’s both our responsibility

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  • 1 Maggie // Feb 15, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    haha, what’s up with the picture of his midsection?