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AstroMania Monday: Astroland Snuff Vid–The Final Death Throes

February 2nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

We went to Coney Island on Saturday, despite the numbing wind chill, to shoot some footage for another vid we were making. It didn’t dawn on us, until we there that Jan. 31 was the deadline for Carol Hill Albert to vacate the property. A kind former employee Roy Sargeant, let us into the grounds, and showed us around the few ruins that were left. We call this is a snuff vid because that’s what it is: a pornographic murder on video.

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  • 1 electricia // Feb 2, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you for having the stamina to do this memorial vid of the last day. It looks like the end of the world on that lot. I cried at the end of the vid. I was there too on Saturday but am still too emotionally fragile to upload my photos or even look at them in my camera.

    update on the previously discussed cat situation: one of the Astroland workers told me there were several feral cats, including one who is pregnant, who lost their home when a structure was demolished. A chubby black & white one was hanging around waiting to be fed. The man brought out a can of food and gave the Astro cat his last meal. By that time, I didnt even think to take a photo.

    A friend told me some of the Astro cats have already found a warm new spot in Coney. I don’t want to disclose it. But I feel sorry for them being evicted too. When you to go to Coney bring some cans of cat food.