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Richard Meier’s On Prospect Park: Bird Killer?

January 29th, 2009 · 4 Comments


richard meier’s bldg is almost done.

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Is Richard Meier’s glassy On Prospect Park building killing birds? One poster on Brooklynian writes:

The last couple of days I have noticed dead starlings along Eastern Parkway and Plaza Street West. This morning it dawned on me the things were’t cold or old, they were hitting the glass. Hang some curtains people!

The conversation didn’t stay on birds for long because as it turns out people don’t get very upset if sparrows fly into Richard Meier buildings and get murdered by expensive real estate. Another person writes:

My buddy and i went in there for shit’s and giggles to see a 1 bedroom on the 2nd floor…when the sales lady asked if we were interested, i asked the price and she gave me some crazy number like 900,000. I was like, i was interested…and now i am going to take that interest and kill it because that # is not in my books! haha. Besides, i like where i live now…i don’t need some $900,000 tiny ass apartment…id rather go upstate and get a huge house and tons of property for that money…shit, maybe less.

Other people wonder why some people are furnishing such a modern glass building with antique and Victorian furniture. Of course, the decor is obvious because the building is glass and the residents don’t have curtains. Back on the bird front, another person writes:

As for the Meier building, wait until spring when the warblers, etc start coming up from the tropics. You’re going to find tiny colourful yellow bodies at the foot of that building, especially if you get up early before maintenance cleans them up, lol. And I thought the big building at Underhill and Eastern Parkway was a bird killer. I have photographed ovenbirds, red eyed vireos and seen northern parulas killed there, among others. Foggy nights are especially deadly for migrating birds.

Oh, Richard.

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