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Sad Slideshow: Astroland Being Driven Away

January 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Pablo Jonesy who shot these photos, writes on the Coney Island Message Board:

It was a very sad moment, a dramatic moment.  I only had a short window of opportunity to visit Astroland today.  It was a few moments I will remember for the rest of my life.  I could write chapters about the 30 minutes I spent at Astroland today.  All my life’s stories, all the strings that got me to this place in time and space. Everybody’s stories. I got there at 4PM and left at 4:30.  G&P on Surf was auctioning off stuff, as I made a left turn off Surf two trucks came out of Astroland, one had I think the balloon game and the second was a container truck.  I walked up W10th and saw the rocket on a flatbed truck, I saw the people walking around it.  I walked up to the boardwalk, passed by a woman who I think was from London.  I stood at the top of the stairs on the boardwalk and heard one of the workers saying to Mr. Denson, “one final photo before it leaves”.  In the past, at one of his talks, I had heard Mr. Denson say that same story, about a different ride. I walked back down W10th St, home, I needed to get home on time for something important.  I’m sure the rocket was gone in a matter of minutes, I couldn’t wait to see it leave.  I expected to see a police escort.  I didn’t see one.

But, at least, we have “visions” for Coney Island. What a sad, sad moment in what we call The Rape of Coney Island. If this isn’t depressing enough, Gothamist had the vile auctioning off of Gregory & Paul’s yesterday in all its glory.

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