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Coney Follies Open: Review Starts + Renderings V.4.5 (Beta)

January 20th, 2009 · 3 Comments

This is “a rendering of new Wonder Wheel Way which will provide a direct connection between the Parachute Jump and the Cyclone via the Wonder Wheel.”

The seven-month land use review process for the Coney Island rezoning and redevelopment plan starts today. (GL is the only blog to reproduced all the new renderings early this morning.) The formal meeting is at 1PM, curiously scheduled shortly after Barack Obama shoud be concluding his inauguration address. There will be as series of pubic hearings and the plans will go before the local Community Board, the Borough President, the City Planning Commission and ultimately, the City Council. It will all take place against the background of negotiations with developer Joe Sitt about acquiring land that is key to the city’s plans and summer seasons in 2009 and beyond that could become utter disasters without intervention by the city to avoid vacancy, evictions and developer-caused blight. It’s interesting to note that the rendering below, we’ll call the V.4.5, the East on the Eyes Edition, the Astrotower remains. Our reaction to the renderings is positive, although we think they understate the possible scope of high-rise development. There will be a 27-story height limit, which means nothing will be tall than the Wonder Wheel and new paths to connect iconic attaractions.(The Post somehow claims the famous Nathan’s location is endangered, but the rezoning of the property has always been known and the Handwerker family owns the land and its fate in its own hands.) They seem to be on the right track in envisioning a realistic scenario for the amusement core. Coney renderings have come and gone, however, and there is no more reason to believe that this vision will be any closer to what actually happens than ones that have surfaced over the last several years.

“Boardwalk looking east towards the 27-acre entertainment and amusement district.” Note the projected level of development along the boardwalk past the historic Chid’s building. This rendering also hints at the presence of a couple of high rises.

“Within the 27-acre entertainment district Bowery at Stillwell.” Note the Astrotower is in the rendering.

Here’s a vision of a re-born Mermaid Avenue that is quite pleasing.

“Ocean Way will be a new street in Coney west.” This give the first sense of what the area west of Child’s Restaurant might look like.

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  • 1 Rob // Jan 20, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Although the renderings are not as glitzy as some of the previous one, this plan certainly looks more conducive to reviving the Amusement Zone. I’m hopeful that the towers are hotels. The fact that they are set back from the boardwalk is promising.

    I think this plan recaptures some of the essence of the histor of the area. The path from Cyclone to Parachute is an inspired piece of redisgn to the grid. I think that one item shows a real understandign of one of the shortcomings and does much to unify and reposition the area from multi-owner lots to a contiguous park layout.

    The density is wonderful. I’d assume that Nathan’s would be inclined to demolish and erbuild a more modern restaurant as it will have more competition from a revitalized area. Mermaid Avenue and Coney West renderings show an appreciated nod to the residential community.

    The only way this can proceed is by completely removing Thor from the equation. They are slumlords and speculators and have not earned a place in a serious revitalization effort.

    The economic collapse really demands and places a priority on a local and affordable in-town summer amusement, entertannment and recreation destination.

    Bravo to the planners and this latest plan.

  • 2 deborah matlack // Jan 20, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    The plan looks pretty good to me. Parking garages were also included, don’t know what that would look like. Anyway, as “Rob” pointed out, Thor needs to be completely removed from the equation. And how exactly can that be done?? That’s the REALLY BIG question.

  • 3 Paul A. Toomey // Jan 24, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    The hopeful renditions featured will be just that if Sitt & Thor are involved in any way. Sitt is a predatore. He is holding out until his price and building practices are met. I can’t believe that he ever had any positive feelings towards Coney Island. Keep this in mind : Summer of Hope-removed rides before the end of july 08″…Used vacated sites as dumps…For Lease signs put up on Christmas Eve…Would not even offer a lease to Lola Starr-Vindictive to the nth. Clear out Thor & clear the path for Wonder Wheel Way.Tilyou, Handwerker, Henderson, Feltman and Ruby look down on us because we can use some help.