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Sad Coney Sight: Lola Staar Boutique Being Cleared Out

January 16th, 2009 · 1 Comment

[Photo for GL courtesy of Deborah Matlack]

This is the Lola Staar Boutique, one of the gems of the Coney Island boardwalk, being cleared out. The photo was captured by our dedicated contributor Deborah Matlack. Ms. Staar (Dianna Carlin) has been an outspoken critic of developer Joe Sitt and was told on Christmas Eve that she was being evicted (and that possibly other business owners were being as well). The others have been offered new leases, although at double and triple their current rents. Ms. Staar, however, was told to leave, ostensibly because she has been outspoken in her opposition to Mr. Sitt’s plans for Coney. She will have new space in the Stillwell Avenue subway station, but it is a very sad sight indeed to see her boardwalk store, which has been a fixture, being emptied.

One of our valued Coney sources pointed out something very obvious to us last night: both of the entrepreneurs that are being evicted by Thor are female. Coincidence? Possibly. Could it be that they’re both the toughest fighters in the neighborhood? Perhaps. Might Thor have a more difficult time with vocal females giving the firm a hard time? Interesting question. Our source said: “They’re the only two who do not have the confidentality clause. Maybe we should get NOW or the MS Foundation involved!” Thor has insisted that those signing leases sign agreements that basically prevent them from criticizing Thor or speaking about Coney Island redevelopment, in effect, silencing a large part of the Coney business community. Except for Ms. Carlin and Ms. Albert, both of whom are being thrown out.

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  • 1 Paul A. Toomey // Jan 17, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Joe Sitt ..vindictive…Naah! A perfect example of a person that doesn’t believe in fair business practice & is only love is that of money. Mr. Sitt….rhymes with…has treated everybody involved like…here’s that rhyme again. I wish Dianna all the luck at her new location.