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Controversial Dock Street Project Approved by Community Board

January 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment

The controversial Dock Street project proposed by David and Jed Walentas’ Two Trees Management inched closer to approval last night with a 30-7 vote in favor of the project by Community Board 2. The board Education Subcommittee had voted in favor of the project, but its Land Use Subcommittee had voted against it. Earlier this week, a Two Trees spokesperson had written that “Numerous land use and design professionals and hundreds of community members have stated that Dock Street Dumbo is well-designed and contextual. We believe that it is the right project in the right place at the right time.” The 18-story project would include a public middle school. It has been bitterly opposed by some community members who say it will block historic views of the Brooklyn Bridge. The building would have about 400 rental units, about 20 percent of which would be affordable. The Community Board vote is just one part of a long process. The building still has to work its way through the land use review process and be approved by the City Planning Commission, the City Council and the Mayor. An earlier attempt by the Walentases to build a developmentthe 18-story project would block views from and of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Paper has written an article in which it says views wouldn’t be that obstructed by proposed building after all. Now, tonight, the full board of Community Board 2 will convene for a final vote on the project, which includes roughly 400 apartments (20% of which would be affordable) and a public middle school. And even though its decision carries no legal weight (merely advisory), breaths are bated on both sides. Jed Walentas even wrote a letter to the board earlier this week that included this rendering intended to address the criticism that Dock Street would be as big a blight on the Brooklyn side of the bridge as the Verizon building is on the Manhattan side. Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s vote, the matter will work its way through the ULURP food chain, from borough president to City Planning to City Council to the Mayor. An earlier effort by the Walentases to build a project on the site was rejected several years ago. Opposition to the project is being led by the Dumbo Neighborhood Association and City Council Member David Yassky. Council Member Tish James is strongly in favor of the project.

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  • 1 Anonymous // Jan 15, 2009 at 9:32 am

    a school is good but must it block everything that new york is about: views, a historic bridge, peace, beauty? I was in shock last night when i heard this. Those people who voted for it suck and are entitled narssisitic freaks. Can’t wait for bus fumes and dorrito cool ranch snack bags litter blowing around.