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January 12th, 2009 · No Comments

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And, now, some musical selections from today through Wednesday:

Monday 1/12/09
Jalopy: Tony Scherr (Folk) $5, 9:00pm
Barbes: Curhachestra (electronic) $10, 7:00pm
Bell House: Monday Night Vinyl Club (Front Lounge) Free!!! 8:00pm; Oktoberfest (Revisited) w/ Sausages, Beer, and Ploka $5, 7:30pm

Tuesday 1/13/09
Bar 4: Open Mike Night: Hosted by Tanya Buziak.
Pre-list @ 6:15pm, Sign up @ 8:00pm, Start @ 8:30pm (mostly Singer-Songwriters). Free!!
Barbes: Jenny Scheinman (Violinist/Composer) $10, 7:00pm

Wednesday 1/14/09
Bell House: Graham Smith, Darren Hanlon in the Front Lounge (Singer Somgwriter) Free!! 8:00pm
Dan Bennis

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