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December 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

There is so much happiness in so many workplaces that it sometimes warms the heart. For instance, here’s a rant we found on Craigslist that was post by someone working in an unnamed NYC public school:


Yep, I’m still pissed. So are my colleagues, but few to none will take a stand with me at our job.

I absolutely MUST ask: how do some people manage to get themselves out of bed and to a job in one piece? How do some people manage to totally fuck over people who work under them and get away with it for so long? How does someone even get into a position of authority in the first place (and no, it wasn’t from sleeping with anyone, trust me on this… even though someone was fucked-up enough to plunk it in her a couple of times to result in kids, there’s no man in our solar system who’d consider it now)? How is it that when someone tries to take a stand against such a horrible individual, others let them go it alone even though they were bitching and felt the same injustices and got hurt all the same? How can she be so racist and play favorites while harassing others without thinking that nobody will notice?

Oh, yeah, so you know: I work in a NYC public school.

How does someone like my boss think they know everything about working with children, yet her own colleagues at her level isolate her, and most of the children see right through her and hate her probably worse than I do? How does our union manage to receive complaints about this fucking awful excuse for a human for years yet find nothing to nail her with? How does such a pile of shit manage to attract so few flies, too? I’d like my job better if she’d leave or get herself nice and retarded somewhere.

Thankfully the kids are great, because they’re who I spend most of my day with.

Holla out in public if your boss sucks too. I’d say, if your boss sucks monkey ass too, but why insult the monkeys?

And that concludes today’s HR seminar.

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  • 1 dave // Dec 23, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Ha, sounds like someone from PS 27 in red hook!