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Hateful Tire Cutting and Swastika in Boreum Hill???

December 20th, 2008 · No Comments

There is a report from Boerum Hill of tires being slashed in what either could have been random vandalism or something a little more ugly (read the second emai). It happened to a car owned by people with a McCain sign in their window. There are two emails from the Boerum Hill group. Here is one:

Oh, my gosh! I’ve seen the McCain sign in the window and thought the folks who lived in the house might feel a bit lonely in such fervent Obama territory, but I never dreamed anyone would do such a thing as slash their tires over the sign! Geez! I don’t know how to express my dismay.

And there is this which is even worse:

Whatever the “reason”, it is a reprehensible act. I was told by the victim that they also found a swastika traced in the road dirt of their car. This kind of intolerance is the opposite of everything Boerum Hill has always stood for and still stands for. We as a community have been among the most embracing of diversity in lifestyles and beliefs.

We’re really hoping it was just random vandalism, but the swastika would seem to indicate otherwise.

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