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Bklink: Thank God–Marty Markowitz Helps Marco Polo Mobster

December 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

link-asterisk.jpgIf you run a popular Carroll Gardens restaurant (Marco Polo) and you get indicted because of mob ties, who do you call? Marty Markowitz. This story slipped in over the weekend, but deserves weekday treatment because it turns out the guy who likes to be called “Marty” helped “a reputed Gambino crime family soldier” avoid jail. “Joseph Chirico won’t serve a single day in prison: He was sentenced to six months’ house arrest – and can spend 10 hours a day at his Marco Polo restaurant in Carroll Gardens – without even wearing an ankle bracelet.” Among those who sent “glowing letters” on Mr. Marco Polo’s behalf was, you guess it, the Borough President. Guess it pays to have friends who make you pasta even if they have mob ties. “Marty’s” spokesperson declined to comment on Chirico’s mob ties. Think the Beep would write a letter to the judge for you if you got in trouble?–NYDN

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  • 1 df // Dec 8, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    “Mob ties” (whatever that means, exactly) aside, Joe has done a lot for the Brooklyn community.

    He has a long history of charitable and community fund-raising, particularly for the firefighters and police. So before we make assumptions, let’s give him the benefit of at least a cursory look into the charges and circumstances that led to this conviction.

    It’s hard to imagine why Markowitz would stick his neck out for a “low-level mob associate”if there wasn’t more to this story.

    I’m just sayin’