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GL Adoptable Cutie of the Week: Hank the Tank!

December 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Today’s adorable adoptable comes from our friend Sonia (and the Urban Cat League) and this fella is really utterly cute and perfect for anyone looking for a hunk, a hunk of kitty love!

How can you resist a cat whose name is Hank the Tank? Just like Will Ferrell’s character in Old School, this two-year-old tabby is quite the lovable lug. His current foster thinks he was a dog in his previous life as he acts much more like a pup than a kitty. He greets her at the door every time she comes home, comes running when called, and loves to snuggle up as close to you as possible. He’s one of the cuddliest and most adorable kitties around.

Hank has been neutered and vaccinated. He tested negative for FeLV, but did test positive for FIV. This hasn’t slowed him down one bit and we don’t foresee it doing so in the future. Cats with the FIV virus can live long and healthy lives when living at home and off the streets.

He’s an incredibly special cat who we hope to find an incredibly special home for. His current foster, who was considering adopting him, has to leave the country for a family emergency. We need to get Hank into a new home ASAP. If you have room in your home and heart for this big doofus please call Sonia at 646.285.7343 or email lulumomma@gmail.com

If you want to adopt there is a $75 adoption fee, application form to fill out, and a required but quick pre-adoption home visit.

Spread the word about Hank and all our other adoptable cuties!

Senor Don Gato

GL Kitty News: Annabelle and Bishop, two of our profiled kitties, have been adopted! Cheers to Chris who fostered these wonderful cats.
E.C. Stephens

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