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Punked on Prospect

November 30th, 2008 · No Comments

How many times will we be fooled into delight at that new bodega, that cute coffee place, that reopened restaurant so close to the apartment, only to see the craft services trucks and klieg lights roll in to film a movie in what turns out to be just a set?

The motion picture mountebanks struck Crown Heights this week, with the appearance of “Glenister Pub” on Prospect between Washington and Grand, in place of an empty storefront previously known for its weekly stoop sales some years back. Right across the street from the laundromat, we noted: perfect for drowning our sorrows after accidentally shrinking the sweaters or dying the sheets pink. What with The Spot on the opposite corner, Grand was looking decidedly grander. We exchanged promises to meet at the pub with the other neighbors who stopped to admire the possibilities.

The cold light of the following day revealed an unusual amount of black paint over the green, as if someone had burned the place down. After further scrutiny of the scene, we wondered at the large number of vintage police cars and ambulances in the area and finally noticed the inevitable No Parking signs. Thanks, “Life On Mars”, for lifting and subsequently dashing our hopes of sudsy afternoons. Now we’ll have to go back to concealing Colt 45s in socks.
Jean Kahler

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