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Eat It Brooklyn: Fish at South Burg’s Diner

November 21st, 2008 · No Comments

This week, Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog takes us to Diner in South Williamsburg:

My Dad was visiting recently so I took him to Diner to have dinner. Not only did I know we were in for a fabulous meal, it would be guilt-free, as the people behind diner use only seasonal, well-raised food, happy, quality meat and have sustainability as the cornerstone to their philosophy. Check out their blog to read more about them and their ideas about food. The menu changes frequently, so the dishes I had might not be available exactly as I describe them.

The printed menu lists only a few dishes that are consistently made, like burgers and market salads. Since the specials are many, your server will write them down on the paper table covers as he or she describes them. It’s a nice touch, and makes it easy on you when you’re deciding to refer to the list. In addition to the wonderful food, the interior is lovely and comfortable as well. The main dining room is a renovated 1920’s Kullman Diner, complete with booths and bar stools. The low lighting contributes to the Noir-ish feeling inside and there’s an extra room in the back to accommodate more patrons.

I started with one of their special cocktails, a Martini made with a slice of pickled and roasted red pepper as garnish. Not only was it amazing to behold, it was delicious. Just a hint of hotness lingered with each sip, and as the capsicum soaked in the gin, the heat of the drink increased slightly, adding some adventure to my imbibing. For food & photos, click here!

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