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Bklink: Chainsaw Vigilante Tackles Problem

November 13th, 2008 · No Comments

link-asterisk.jpg“Just after Tropical Storm Hanna, we reported on the growing situation with the possibly predatorial plant that is taking over certain parts of Sheepshead Bay. A few weeks later, I interviewed a vigilante property owner, known as Kam, who was single-handedly taking on the culprit. Without any help from anyone else, Kam cut down and bagged at least 20 feet of this stuff. He said that he does this at least twice a year in a futile attempt to inhibit its growth. Kam didn’t know much about the plant, but what he did know is that it drops its leaves, flowers, stems, and fuzz profusely onto the ground, clogging up the drain. He said that he has had to call plumbers and spend his own money to help with the flooding problem caused when the drain gets clogged.”–Sheepshead Bites

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