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The Big Boom Debate in Prospect Heights: WTF is It?

October 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Well, we’re pretty sure it ain’t Superman (though he would seem to prefer you to think differently), but what are those freaking loud noises that some people in Prospect Heights are hearing? The first indication on the Brooklynian’s Prospect Heights Forum in a thread called “Big Booming Noises” was this: “i keep hearing big booms from outside somewhere. are they doing demolition at the (possible) AY site? it’s been going on until quite late at night.” It has been followed by many responses, most pinning the noise on Atlantic Yard-related infrastructure prep work. Maybe it’s street construction? Or maybe we can go with the last poster’s comment that it’s the demolition construction going on at PS 9? Or speculate that it’s a porta-potty equipped with an monstrous amplification system activated when a worker sits down to do his business to mess with residents minds.

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