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Street Couch Series: Mr. Stud Finds a Place to Sit

October 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Best street furniture photo ever? If not, it’s damned close. Clearly, it has less to do with the furniture itself than with the blow-up Mr. Stud seated on it. Mr. Stud? For freaking real? The photo comes to us courtesy of the good people behind the IMBY blog, which has spent a long time chronicling the trials and tribulations of living with quality-of-life violating development in the South Slope and performed a public service that print publications, even local ones, have been unwilling to do in any sort of comprehensive or original way, highlighting the extent to which traditional media has abbrogated its responsibility to the communities that they profess to serve. Anyway, that’s off-topic here, because this is about Mr. Stud and his seat.

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