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Bklink: A Charity Mustache?

October 17th, 2008 · No Comments

link-asterisk.jpg“I’ve never been down with facial hair combined with my husband Anson’s face. But that’s about to change citizens! Our neighbor Mitch casually asked Anson recently if he’d be interested in being part of Mustaches for Kids. The name sounds a little creepy but Mitch isn’t creepy so we kept on listening. Turns out he is involved with the New York City Chapter (based in Brooklyn) of a nationwide organization by the name of Mustaches for Kids….a volunteer-run organization founded way back in 1999 to celebrate the joys of Mustaches and charity. Its formula is a simple one: brave Growers sprout totally sweet Mustaches for four weeks during the holiday season. They subject themselves to public humiliation and private doubt, while raising money for children’s charities. It’s kind of like getting pledges to run a marathon, without exertion, cramping or dehydration. Call it a facial hair marathon.” There’s a lot more to it and we urge giving it a read.–Pistols & Popcorn

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