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Repairs at Troubled LICH Playground, But Problems Remain

September 10th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Remember the Long Island College Hospital Playground on Henry Street that people said was filthy and that had dangerous broken equipment? The one LICH said it would take care of and for which it was said to have gotten replacement parts from Finland? Well, a reader says it’s still broken and LICH says it’s been fixed. Per the GL reader who originally wrote us about the problem during the spring:

I went back this weekend and some of the items were still broken (such as the swings near Henry St.). It seemed cleaner, at least this past weekend, but what is LICH doing? The last report was that the parts were coming in from Europe. Surely, that ship has sailed and arrived many times across the pond, either with or without the requisite parts. If the parts haven’t yet shipped, perhaps they’ll use DHL or FedEx with some of the savings based on the closing of the maternity wards.

We emailed LICH to ask what was up with the playground and got a reply a few minutes ago from VP of Operation Diana Sullivan, who says major progress has been made, including on repairs. Here’s the LICH response:

Please ask your readers to be specific in future, so we can know exactly what the complaint is and then take care of it. Here’s an update of some things we’ve done recently: 1). We lifted all the rubber mats and thoroughly cleaned under them. 2). We received all the requested parts for the equipment which needed repairs and carried out those repairs. 3). The largest issue of the summer, the drain, was cleaned and flushed. I would also ask that you remind your readers that we are still looking for voluntary park “stewards.” These stewards will help keep the parks enjoyable for everyone.

Well, apparently not all the equipment has been fixed, like the swings our reader specifically noted. In any case, to volunteer or to report a specific problem, email LICHParks@chpnet.org. They will respond.

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  • 1 Survivor // Sep 11, 2008 at 12:10 am

    This response is probably from written by their legal department or risk manager. If you think the playground is a problem, this is nothing compared to the problems inside the doors to the hospital.

  • 2 Survivor // Sep 11, 2008 at 12:13 am

    correction: “this response is probably written”
    delete “from”. thanks.