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“Third World Dump” Conditions on Burg Street Cleaned Up a Bit

July 19th, 2008 · 1 Comment

There is progress to report about the “Third World Dumpcreated by a development mess on long-suffering N. 11 Street and Roebling in Williamsburg. (In fact, there are so many construction sites in the area that some days several pile drivers are going at once at sites a few blocks apart creating a most interesting sonic effect. The overall mess and appearance of this part of neighborhood will be fairly awful for at least the next two years.) In any case, the same person that emailed us and sent photos of the mess on N. 11 Street followed up with an email late yesterday saying that it was being cleaned up a little. Our correspondent writes: “The buildings dept must have come down today after a response to some complaints. Some progress has been made. The only issue is the clogged drain at the corner that has formed the new ’11th & Roebling Pool’, from the water that is being sprayed at the site from the opposite corner.” That is a very large dumpster that’s been set up outside the Warehouse 11 building, which is on the site of the cleaned-up Roebling Oil Field.

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  • 1 Jodie // Jul 21, 2008 at 8:31 am

    The management of N. 11th has been very responsive anytime we (as neighbors) have had a complaint. All you have to do is call them and talk to them (I know, a novel idea). When neighbors of ours complained about the tiny styrofoam the offered to come over and clean it up. When another person mentioned that the construction was making our windows dirty, they agreed to clean them when work is completed. When I went over to tell them the newly-installed beeping smoke alarms were driving me crazy, they installed batteries in all of them within 24 hours. 311 is great, but sometimes simply talking to our neighbors can yield a better result, not to mention encouraging a sense of community.