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July 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

link-asterisk.jpg“That same night, as on most weekend nights, there was a brawl outside the Lucky 7 bar across the street, and when i woke up to this crime scene i was hardly surprised. the fighting and shooting (several since i’ve lived here) around that bar has become commonplace. for all the police attention from a month or so back, nothing ever changes, and the Lucky 7 (or the crowd at the L7, to be precise) is the epicenter of a violent, showy, thuggish weekend culture that clashes both with the upscale newcomers AND the longtime local families who are too quiet or scared to say anything about the visible minority of losers, dealers, and wannabe kingpins who strut around ruining the night, saturday after saturday. when the cops WERE around, the Lucky 7 was shut down for some reason or another. presumably it had to do with shady electricity issues, because now they’re back open and running the whole place (bar, disco AND kitchen) on a generator. amazing that places like fix cafe are under the gun from DOH and this pit is allowed to float by on 12 hours of refrigeration. who’s protecting this trough, and when will they finally give it the shutter it deserves?”–Aftermath of a Williamsburg Shooting

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  • 1 Jake // Jul 9, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    Damn straight! I live above this place, and it it SO LOUD. The owner is apparently getting wary of people calling the cops about noise, but the phone doesn’t seem to be connected so the only way to ask for the noise to go down is to ask him yourself. Honestly, I’m starting to look forward to “incidents” at this place, because they mean it closes earlier. Dermot Realty is trying to evict them, but many NYC laws are (unfortunately, in this case) stacked in favor of tenants.