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Horticulture #1: South Slope Flower Box Thieves?

June 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment

We came across this thread about flower box thieves–it starts with an incident in the South Slope–on Brooklynian. Here’s the original theft report posted by windowdressing:

So I moved. And since I’m moved to a 1st floor apt, I thought that buying some nice flower boxes and filling them with (wait for it….) flowers would be a nice idea. So I bought two and set them up outside on my gate. Very pretty, I thought, I hope my new neighbors like them. One week later, one of them has already been stolen. Dammit. Scene of the crime: 16th street, btw 7th and 8th (close to the corner of 8th). Time: This past friday or saturday night. (I was out of town visiting my family). If anyone has information about the dastardly perpetrators of this heinous act, please forward them along.

And, then, there is this particularly entertaining response:

I have a lot of experience with stolen flowers! I have learned that if I plant tulips for the spring to make sure that they don’t bloom around mother’s day. People have been known to cut them from my front garden and give them as bouquets to their mothers. Once I did a large circle with geraniums and the middle was filled with marigolds. The next morning someone had actually dug up all the geraniums! Then there was the lady who I confronted cutting roses off my rose bush. She told me that “G-d made the flowers.” I have learned not to plant anything that is too showey or any identifiable flowers that can be cut.

And, finally, this uplifting incident:

a middle-aged lady touring our community garden last summer stole the little santolina plant (not fancy, showy, or rare; plants just like ours go for $3 at the farmer’s market) right out of the ground when we turned our backs.

Keep an eye on those flowers, people.

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  • 1 Paul // May 16, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Woke up this morning and found our rose bush missing from our stoop on 9th street between 8th and the Park. Someone had during the night dug up a pretty sizable plant from our huge pot. It was a fantastic blooming bush. Just make you want to shoot whoever did this. If anyone have information about this please post a comment here.