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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

June 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we take a look at a few comments left by GL readers during the previous seven days. Here’s this week’s selection:

Ruby Reopens on Boardwalk After “Unfortunate Accident”. “I was the first person to walk in the bathroom at Ruby’s after the floor had collapsed. Imagine my surprise to find this panicked guy sticking his hand out of the big hole asking me to pull him out! At first I thought I was being set up for a Candid Camera moment, but then I remembered that the floor had been there only a half an hour previously. I thank my lucky stars that it wasn’t me in that predicament. I would’ve never lived it down. And the guy was covered in dirt, not shit. Only in Coney Island!!!” [Chuck Parello]

Residents Decry Hoyt Street Oyster Bar Again. “I was there and it was a very emotional defense of a wonderful quiet neighborhood. I also thank the support of the Union Hall neighbors for their warnings and support. In all honesty, I feel that Mamary should cut his losses and and his lease and go somewhere else. Who wants to open a business in the midst of such anger and dread?? 311 and 411 on speed dail. And all due respect to Mr. Mamary, if it was another bar owner wanting to open there, they would get the same revolt.” [Anonymous]

Noisy Mockingbird Season Again. “Hmm, this sounds like gentrificus polyglottos. It’s a bird that migrates from Manhattan to other boroughs and makes a lot of noise on blogs, er, I mean in trees.” [Red Hook]

Park Slope Food Coop Bans Plastic Bags. “I was using the plastic bags I was given at the Whole Foods Market as trash bags in my kitchen trashbin. Now I have to buy plastic trashbags for the same use. I am trying to understand the wisdom in this though I know it must be hidden so well I can’t see it.” [bikeboynyc]

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