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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

May 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we take a small, random sample of the comments left by readers during the previous seven days. Here are this weeks (very random) choices:

Hardcore Union Hall Opponent Criticizes Community Board 6. “For the record, I think Mr. Crow has every right to press his case, and this letter shows that he is shrewd rather than nuts, as many have surmised. HOWEVER, his letter contains much ‘false information’ and many distortions.” [Teddy]

Pro-Alternate Side Parking Sentiment in Park Slope? “The only people for whom a shortening of the time has any relevance are the folks who are around during the day–again, a minority–so this “change” is no change for most car owners, who are scurrying around (in my neck of the woods) on Thursday evenings, looking for ‘a Friday spot’.” [Janet]

Jack Heights is Going at Park Slope Again. “This ad makes me want to vomit and weep, in equal measure. No wannabee-in-Brooklyn folks need apply. Stay out. But Queens is Queens is Queens, my natal place, and that of family going back to the 1850s. It will never be the new anything, and NEVER Brooklyn, OK?” [MKL]

Library Porn Debate Continues in Park Slope. “I don’t know about other parents, but TV and radio news is far more upsetting. Try explaining why 50 soldiers just got blown up or hundreds of children are buried in earthquake rubble…” [Doug]

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