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Public Service Announcement: Have You Seen Seymour?

May 16th, 2008 · No Comments


A parrot has gone missing in Park Slope. Here’s the Craigslist post:

Seymour is a friendly and curious bird who is not afraid of strangers. If you see him or he happens to land on your shoulder please call Henry at 347 268 7872. Description: Seymour has a gray head and emerald green wings and back. His eyes are yellow. His breast and stomach are bright yellow and with an orange ‘v’ shape. The underside of his wings are yellow also. He has a metal band on his left ankle.” The owner’s email is henry (at) henrychung (dot) com. Seymour went missing on May 14 in the evening at Sixth Avenue and 19th Street. There are differences between his appearance and that of the Greenwood Parrots.

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