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At the “Pro-Atlantic Yards Demonstration”

May 4th, 2008 · No Comments

What is the significance of this photo taken by Brit in Brooklyn blogger and photographer Adrian Kinloch? It shows a number of people affiliated with Forest City Ratner at yesterday’s Atlantic Yards counter demonstration. Mr. Oder explains the photo in a superb post dissecting the event on AYR:

Along with the leaders of CBA signatory groups, several Forest City Ratner officials were on hand to help orchestrate the counter-protest. In the photo at right, FCR’s LaBonte is in the ballcap. Behind her is Thomas (Ziggy) Sicignano, a prominent youth basketball organizer who has received funding from the developer (and has a colorful past involving a felony plea bargain as part of a strip club trial). The man in the white shirt also (apparently) works for Forest City Ratner; he shooed photographers to leave the Atlantic Terminal mall gathering place. To the right of him is Scott Cantone, a Forest City VP.

Also not to be missed is Mr. Oder’s description of the “counter demonstrators” carrying “Bring Nets” signs:

Not everyone was fully with the program. A contingent of Eastern Europeans from (I suppose) southern Brooklyn carried not terribly grammatical signs, such as “Bring Nets.” I asked one woman where she was from. “Ukraine,” she replied enthusiastically.

Mr. Oder also digests today’s piece in the Daily News with Mr. Ratner’s name attached to it and concludes that there is concerted effort underway to show support for the troubled project. Just another day in the Atlantic Yards game.

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