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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

May 4th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we like to highlight a few of the comments we get during the previous seven days. Here are this week’s choices:

Fun Times at Windsor Liquors. “I used to live around the corner, and these guys are harmless. They’ve been in the neighborhood for at least the past 10 years and it hasn’t resulted in a greater number of homeless in the neighborhood. Sure, it’s rough seeing homeless people on a daily basis, but that’s the world we live in. If they were threatening, it’d be a different matter, but they’re really not.” [Dee]

Park Slope Library Issues, Continued: Strollergate?:
“It’s really simple: don’t bring the stroller. Let your child walk or carry him. If he’s too cranky or unruly to handle that, he probably doesn’t belong in the library anyway. The stroller is a completely optional accessory, and the library is under no obligation to accommodate it. With all of the budget cuts the NYPL is facing, they don’t actually expect the library to spend precious money–that could be used buying books or longer library hours–on welcoming their strollers?!” [You Must be Kidding]

“This rankles. I try and keep an open mind about moms in a tizzy, but trash-talking the librarians is petty. If you have an issue with a librarian, take it up with their supervisor, don’t impugn the reputations of the whole staff. I would LOVE to see some of the complaining patrons try that job for a day.” [Bjane]

New Threat in Carroll Gardens Parks: Nanny Poaching:
Bogus crap is what I say. So your nanny got approached by another mother? It is NOT the same as your husband being approached by another woman. It’s a free market, lady, and you do not own your nanny. Gosh people, get over yourselves. Why create drama where there is none? (Oh, I forgot, New Yorkers are like that.)” [AS]

“I love how each generation of moms indignantly rediscovers stuff older moms already know.
Nannies will leave you and work FOR SOMEONE ELSE if you don’t pay enough!” [6th Grader’s Mom]

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