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Announcing the Gowanus Lounge Photo Pool

April 29th, 2008 · No Comments

logo-actual-w-train.jpglink-asterisk.jpgWe’ve always thought about creating a Gowanus Lounge Flickr Pool and a comment left yesterday by photoblogger Dalton Rooney, whose work is superb, reminded us that it was one of those things on our long-term “to do” list that’s never gotten done. So, why not now, as we’ve retooled the format of GL? To join the GL Photo Pool (which started late last night and is currently lonely and empty) go here and we also invite you to tag your photos “gowanuslounge.” We’ll be adding a flickr badge to the site in a few days (when there’s content) and, of course, will be posting some of the photos placed in the pool from time to time. Obviously, we’re looking for Brooklyn photos, so that’s the only working criteria we’ll use. We’re hoping the pool will be a fun set of photos to peruse and enjoy.

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