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Poetic Development: Howl/The Condo Building

April 25th, 2008 · No Comments

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Howl/The Condo Building

Goodbye Goodbye
I lost my sky,
I spent the morning
Trying to die.
Goodbye Goodbye
You made me cry.
You stole my surroundings
And now I’ll fry.
I spent the noontime
Thinking instead,
It’s the thunderous crane
I wish be dead.
Good bye good bye
You made me cry
I took more meds and said,
I’ll try.
To fight you at the DOB
Despite the force of entropy
To call the mayor, Call the cops,
To scream until this madness stops.
To swear I’ll never
Do it again:
Say I won’t fight you
Til the bitter end.
Goodbye Goodbye
You made me cry,
You may be strong
But so am I..
–c. 2008 Graziella Radici
(GL Contributor Graziella Radici resides in the Greater Carroll Gardens/Gowanus Metroplex.)

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