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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

April 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we highlight a few random comments left during the previous week by GL readers. Here are this week’s choices:

Boerum Hill School Changes Parking Regulations on Its Own. “DOT will be replacing the sign.” [Anonymous]

Vituperative Grand Street Rezoning Fight in Flier Form. “Can we define terms? Who is a developer? A resident of 10, 25, or 40 years who is building something to live in? The people hurt by the downzoning are not big developers. They are people with small lots who have lost 15% – 40% of their net worth. There are people in the community who have dramatically misinformed the public about the true nature of the rezone. The rezone was rushed through in 92 days with no notice to land owners, no notice in Spanish. When I read the hate comments, I wonder why the writers don’t get that they are only hurting their neighbors.” [Anonymous]

“Private Meetings” & Public Shrinkage at 360 Smith. “A lower building would have made the neighborhood happy and Stein is a thief and is stealing what is not his in the plaza. The building is a monstrous size for a tiny street and anyone who thinks it is the best thing that ever happened to Carroll Gardens needs his head examined. Cars will not even be able to enter the driveway on Second Place of the new building without us losing the parking spots on the other side of Second Place. That’s how narrow the street is. Is it any wonder the neighborhood has revolted? Good for them! It was a monstrosity from the beginning and still is. Ditto 340 Court St. Can CG “take” this height? Hell no! What a shame it is to ruin such a nice neighborhood. Someone sold out CG. A reasonably-sized building would have been embraced by the neighborhood.” [Anonymous]

Strollers In, Computers Out on Weekends at ‘Snice. “By the second weekend, it was a horror show in ‘sNice. The no laptop rule has made a difference.” [Anonymous]

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