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On the Sofa: GL Reader Commments

April 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Every week, we offer a fairly random selection of comments that GL readers have left during the previous seven days. Here are this week’s choices:

Ratner Post-Gala: Did Marty’s Wife “Hoarde” Murakami Swag? “Actually, a great story… reflects perfectly the current zeitgeist in Brooklyn. Grab as much as you can as fast as you can, and screw your neighbors.” [Anonymous]

Available on Hope Street in Williamsburg. “What is unappealing about the sign, however, is how it blatantly disrespects the artwork beneath it. The sign should read ‘Help drive the final nails in the culture that once thrived in Williamsburg.'” [MikeM]

F Train Weekend Cluster…Complex Series of Service Changes. “It should read ‘Best way to get to Manhattan: Cab’ People were gawking at this sign in the Carroll Street station. I took one look at it and it made my brain hurt.” [Z.Madison]

Will Obscure Charter Provision be Used in Gowanus? “In the past century, there has only been one City Council vote that passed by less than three-fourths of the Council: Congestion pricing. Good luck!” [Anonymous]

Gowanus Rezoning Memory Refresh-O-Matic: Tall. “Just because the City says that the rezoning will occur in a specified way does not mean that there will be building in those area. The enviromental aspects to the Toll brother land are widely present throughout the to be rezoned area. If enough light can be shown on that, and on the impact of all these new people on the already overworked infrastructure, then the City will be forced to do what it should do: clean the enviroment, make plans for the newcomers, and then do some type of building. BTW, Toll Brothers’ bonds have been placed on a “watch” list – a precurser, often, to downgrading.” [Mike]

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