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An "Open Letter to the Brooklyn Museum"

March 31st, 2008 · No Comments

The backlash over the Brooklyn Museum’s Gala honoring developer Bruce Ratner continues. There will be protesters at the April 3 event, and today an “Open Letter to the Brooklyn Museum” went out and was posted on the DDDB website. Here are a couple of excerpts:

It is uncomfortable to step up and point out why it is inappropriate for the Museum to be “honoring” Ratner, but it is crucial…I do not believe it is appropriate for a respected public institution like the Brooklyn Museum to be honoring Bruce Ratner. To many of us this is obvious but I will explain the many reasons why. A museum should be a good neighbor to its community. You cannot be a good neighbor by promoting the activities of someone who is a bad neighbor, and worse, to the community….Terrible time for the Museum; excellent time for Ratner- From this we may infer that the decision to honor Ratner was not driven by the careful considered judgment of those Museum board members with the best interest of the Museum at heart, but rather by those on the board with business connections to Ratner exerting influence.

The lengthy, full letter is posted here.

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