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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

March 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

Once a week, we select a few random comments from our readers. Here are this week’s choices:

Atlantic Yards: Miss Brooklyn & Housing to Die as Arena Lives? “Let’s see…1 Billion to Ratner for a basketball court. 800 million to Stienbrener for a baseball Field
300 million to the mats for another baseball Field. 200 million to the Dolans for a Hockey rink.”–My2Sense

“Um, everyone complains when the buildings are going to be built b/c the development was too large. Now that its shrinking b/c the time to act has passed, and everyone complains again. Where do I sign up for season tickets?”–Chris

Gowanus Attack Dog Follow Up: Settle It ‘Between Neighbors’. “A ‘neighbor/neighbor’ issue sounds like two residents having to deal with the problem. This is a business and a resident (civilian?). Somehow, it doesn’t seem correct for the CB to treat it the same way. At the very least, a letter to both the guard dog company and the contractor is in order.”–KDW

Bedford Ave. Report: Dunkin Donuts Coming?
“I live in the Burg and would *LOVE* a Dunkin’ Donuts to open up! I’m sick of all the pretentious coffee shops in Williamsburg jammed with hipsters. (Or are they the homeless? The line is quite blurry.) And those little oven toasted hash browns. Mmmmmm mmmmm… bring it on!”

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