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Construction Site Du Jour, Part III: Wind Restates the Obvious at 208 N. 10

March 10th, 2008 · No Comments

208 N 10 One

It would be tempting to blame the wind for opening up the construction site at 208 N. 10 to public access yesterday, but it would be wrong. In point of fact, we have found the site wide open more times than we have found it closed over the last six months. The only surprise yesterday was that more of the cruddy fence didn’t come down in the breeze. In any case, we’re including a couple of bonus photos below, including the little body of water with an oily sheen that we’ll call Roebling Pond and the heavy equipment that can double as playground equipment for neighborhood kids 6.9 days out of 7.

208 N 10 Two

208 N 10 Three

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