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On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

March 9th, 2008 · No Comments

Every Sunday we highlight a random selection of comments left by our GL readers during the previous seven day’s. Here are a few from this week:

Plans for Controversial Carroll Gardens Building Coming in April. “it will be interseting to see what the lower rung of rogers marvel have planned for this spot. with all the fantasy monster buildings in the public space and the governors island win, little 340 court street could be designed by temps…All this sharing with the nabe just isn’t helping. I think what they all do is design one monster thing, show it to the neighborhood and everyone freaks, then, they go back to their offices and get the not so monster drawings, wait a week, and show again. Just to make it look like they want to work with us. It’ll be a glass nightmare, people.” [Anonymous]

New Look Prospect Park: PLG Getting a Big Glass Tower. “Paging all archi-geeks: Somebody whip up a rendering of what this alien vessel is going to do to the view of the treeline from within Prospect Park! And, um, aside from the benighted Ebbets Field project, isn’t this thing going to be grossly out-of-scale and fingerlike? It looks like two suburban office buildings stacked clumsily atop one another. However, it was considerate of them to include a “park” on the roof; that will spare the residents the inconvenience of having exit into PLG and walk a block or two to the magnificent, historic REAL park that their monstrosity will overshadow. Maybe they can name their building the ‘Stratos’; only Trekkies will get the joke (see “the Cloud Minders”).” [Brenda from Flatbush]

The Unhappy Life of 333 Carroll Continues. “Hopefully, the new firm will have blow torches to cut that thing down and concentrate on the actual brick shell. The neighborhood has had enough of this.” [Anonymous]

Gowanus Meeting on Toll Brothers Project Draws a Big Crowd. “…Some people want the block remain “as is” which is unlikely. If residential isn’t allowed, then expect some major retail store to just build under the existing zoning.” [Anonymous]

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